LAST NEWS: All of the packages of Dies Irae crowdfunding have been sent. We had problems sending some of the foreign ones. Thanksfully, finally everything worked and you will be receiving your packages soon. 

All of you are missing for the books and some of you are even missing some stuff (like Lamps, sacks or some figures). But don't worry. Everything is noted and as soon as we restock and print the books we will make the final bunch of packages (free shipping). For now, thank you very much for your pattience and we hope you enjoy your figures.


Until this Christmas ends you will get a copy of William Coxswish or El Moro with your orders in our Online Store, and FREE shipping all over the world. 

P.S. Only U.S.A. packages of Dies Irae left. Don't worry, you all will get your stuff.


During this week (From November the 21th to November the 25th) all shipping costs in our Online Store will be FREE.


Here you are the winners of the November's Wipley raffle. Thank you all for participating!


Sergio Alonso (50% of Tercio Creativo staff) made an Indiegogo crowdfunsing some time ago. He wanted to create and cast some Noser figures according to the style of the 90s As Belas Figurinhas from Fanhunter, but using his own background and designs. At the end he did a funny sci-fi boardgame with 73 different models and after sending their stuff to the backers he is using our online store to sell the pieces surplus. At least all except Wipley (heroine with a cat), which was a gift for all the backers. 

Now you can even get tickets to be part of a raffle to get one of the last copies of Wipley that will take place at the end of November by ordering nosers from BI-XO Wars in our online store or directly buying the ticket in there.

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