Sergio Alonso (50% of Tercio Creativo staff) made an Indiegogo crowdfunsing some time ago. He wanted to create and cast some Noser figures according to the style of the 90s As Belas Figurinhas from Fanhunter, but using his own background and designs. At the end he did a funny sci-fi boardgame with 73 different models and after sending their stuff to the backers he is using our online store to sell the pieces surplus. At least all except Wipley (heroine with a cat), which was a gift for all the backers. 

Now you can even get tickets to be part of a raffle to get one of the last copies of Wipley that will take place at the end of November by ordering nosers from BI-XO Wars in our online store or directly buying the ticket in there.



ALL the packages of the Spanish backers of Dies Irae have been sent. Besides, there are only around 20 packages of foreign backers to send for which we are witing for more bases and other stuff that we hope we will receive during next weeks. 

When we finish sending these last packages we will talk to the backers who are missing something to know if they prefer to receive the last pieces then (usually dice, bags, posters or some figures) or wait until the book is printed to receive it all together. 

Thanks for your patience and to make this wait more pleasant, here you are the Sereno and Espectro of Dunas Rojas painted by Emuse Studio.


HERE you are all the info about the Yin Yang Assassins and three of its members.


Here you are Obsolete Negabot. Another Yin Yang Assassins common pawn painted by Emuse Studio.


Here you are some info about the Yin Yang Assassins.

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