Here you are a new miniature in progress: The Arcabucero ("Arquebusier") of the Guard of Ysbilia.  

And we're in $2800. The first $4000 are closer.



We have added some bonus to the crowd funding, which we were saving for this last month. 

The first one of them is when we get the $4000, apart from an Extramuros 05 for FREE, all the backers who chose a perk with one or more miniatures will also receive an EXCLUSIVE Antagonist, totally FREE: The Vecino ( "Neighbour" ). Someone your pawns could convince for helping them during the conflict


The Picaro is available. And here you are its Contract Card, so you can know what does he do during the Conflicts.

P.S. And remember, there are only 34 days left for ending the crowd funding.



Here you are the Picaro ("Rogue"), painted by Emuse. This kid rush up and down the tabletop insulting the pawns for making them activate and ROB THEIR MARAVEDIES.  

P.D. 48 days left and we're close to the 2000 € ;]


After thinking about this for a long time, finally today we can say that the crowdfunding of 1650 for getting the funding for printing the rulebook, with more than 120 pages and IN COLOUR, has started. Stay tuned, because we'll throw ourself into this. Rulebook won't be the only thing we will do, if we get the goal ;]
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