First Personality for the Gaul Vanguard: Pasqual Le Mort. Created by Juanma Duran for our II Stories Competition.


September is here and we start with our new batch of new releases. After a long time releasing the figures from our last crowdfunding. Figures nobody have had the pleasure to paint - except for Emuse Studio, of course -. 

Here you are Musketer, new pawn for the Gaul Vanguard; and Bruxa Teurgia ("Theurgy Witch"), the first pawn for the new Faction of the Myths of Iberia, and in fact the first of the Recurrent Myths, which means she will be able to be hired by any Faction for their Oneiric Commissions.


Here you are a new figure for the Gaul Vanguard ready to be casted.


Here you are the winners of our III Stories Competition, who will be 4 because we couldn't reject any of them. Congratulations and thank you all for participating. 

We praise Daniel Fernández Rojo and David Vela Ruiz, who won the draw we did for the participants and will receive their copies of Marinero and El Sereno.


This July we will be releasing the last figures of our last crowdfunding: Marinero, which is the first pawn of the Mercenary band of Sea Dogs, and El Sereno, a new Mercenary Personality which can works as a leader.

Besides, during July and August there will be a special offer to say good bye to this "crowdfunding figures" term.

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